View Full Version : Getting more wattage from your sub "know what you're doing"

05-03-2013, 07:52 PM
I keep hearing these phrases referring to the wattage capabilities of plenty of woofers, have not found a meaning of it though. Would love if somebody could clear up what exactly is meant by this, as I would like to get the most out of any woofers that I use. Thought of a few possibilities that could effect applicable wattage:
.Creating a minor backpressure constantly by tuning low/er than Fs of the sub or tuning lower than you intend to play-crossover
.Inverse mounting subs to keep the magnet and coils in open air to keep the coils cooler
.Of course, clean power, clean signal

Is there anything that i'm missing here? Or does the possible applicable wattage just depend on quality of the coils, SA and SS etc. quality coils? Running TXX Crappipe 12" @750-800w @ 29hz