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05-02-2013, 05:28 PM
1. Product:
150a alternator off of 1998 Grand Cherokee 5.9L (only year and model this alt came on)

Upgrade for Jeep Cherokee 4.0s or Grand Cherokee 4.0 & 5.2. Swapping pulley is recommended for use on 4.0s but will work as is with the extra groove on the pulley. I actually ran it with the 7 groove pulley and put the belt over the inner 6 grooves with the outermost groove empty. The belt ran true like this just fine for me. v8 = 7 groove pulley, 4.0 = 6 groove

Small amount of grinding required on Cherokee alternator bracket to clear the larger case. No modifications otherwise and direct swap in on Grand Cherokees. No grinding required.

2. Specs:
150a rating

3. Description/Condition:
Obviously used, has around 92,000 miles on it.

One wiring harness mount is broken off but doesnt affect performance or stability of the wiring harness when installed, since the 2 small posts on the back of alt that control it hold the harness on as well as the post that is still there secures the harness and is the post that grounds the alternator case. The post that is broken is non functional other than for securing the wiring and not really needed.

This is a simple upgrade for stock alternators on 90s Cherokee 4.0s which come with 90a stock units. Also works on any 93-98 Grand Cherokee 4.0/5.2 or 5.9. Highest output factory Jeep alternator swap in unit at 150a. They no longer make the 150a units, highest output you can get is 136a in new or rebuilt form.

Provided a nice boost in amperage output over the stock unit on my 4.0L (less voltage drop :) ). I had it on my 98 Grand Cherokee 4.0L for a month or so and worked fine no issues, took it to oreillys before putting up for sale and it tested good. Only selling because I just bought a Mechman 240a so I dont need this anymore.

You can swap it in and use it with the 7 groove pulley that is on it with no issues but the proper way to do it would be swap your 6 groove pulley over to this alternator. Fast and easy.

4. Price: :
$50 shipped to anywhere in US. No trades

5. Pictures:
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U have PM sir

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SOLD it on Jeepforum. Sorry lowlacs.