View Full Version : Help with Enclosure Design for 2 SA 12's

04-27-2013, 04:36 AM
Hi guys i am having trouble deciding what to build for the sa 12's

I have come up with a box design on REaudio website

here is the link to what it looks like :


I was wondering if this is any good? i want pure lows as i will be giving the subs 1000w rms each subs 2000w rms altogether

Car specs:
width: 33
height: 14.5
depth: 22

also if you have better designs then do let me know thanks.

04-27-2013, 05:30 PM

04-27-2013, 06:02 PM
Tuned way to low other than tht looks fine ..when i had my sa 12s i had them tuned at 32and thats plenty low enough to murder the low stuff esp decaf..if u kno what that is

04-27-2013, 06:03 PM
And get some more port area gona want to move sone air if u like lows

05-02-2013, 05:33 AM
alright thanks man, could you do a design on reaudio website and show me the screenshot of what you would do? thanks :)