View Full Version : would i end up making a poorly tuned bandpass box

04-26-2004, 12:19 PM
I had this idea to have my box facing forward and build a 4 walls out of mdf/fiberglass around the sub and ports to "seal" off the bass from the trunk so as far as the sub is concerned it is actually in the back of the interior instead of in the middle (i read steve brown's section on "bass loading" in car audio and electronics mag) but i was wondering would these walls actually act as a port and i would technically end up with a poorly tuned bandpass box since a bandpass box is basically just a sub in a sealed enclosure firing through a port. I was also wondering would it be necissary to seal the factory speaker holes along with other holes in the rear deck to prevent the bass from leaking back into the trunk. Also is it true that the bass actually gets magnified by it bouncing off the trunk lid thus making it louder or is that only true for it bouncing off the glass in a hatchback/suv since i'm installing in a sedan.