View Full Version : Help with ported box.

04-24-2013, 10:52 PM
i have 2 8" sundown SA-8 V2 spl's. they are in a 350Z, so the box has to stay kind of small.

I finished my box and i'm not overly happy with it. it's 23"wide x 8.75" tall x 16" deep, it has 1.5" square port (centered) that goes 13" deep/turns then another 4", it is only 3/4" from rear wall at the split. made of 3/4" MDF. by my figures it should be tuned to 30hz.

i was told that if you are spliting the port each direction, that you split the width in half at the rear wall. not sure if that is true.

problem is, they are pretty punchy. i had them in a bigger box (1.85cu) tuned to 36hz and they hit way harder and way deeper. i need some advice as to where i might have messed up. i know they are only 8" woofers, but i've heard them get deeper and think i should be able to get there again. any help would be awesome. i hope i supplied enough info.



05-13-2013, 01:43 PM