View Full Version : Converting ported to sealed?

04-23-2013, 10:27 PM
So I have a ported box that if I close off the port where the picture shows will be around 1.9 cu ft. Now I'm very inexperienced when it comes to car audio so I have a few dumb questions.

Can I use 2x4s? (2) 2x4s if I rip them will fit into that crevice perfectly.
Also how with this affect the hz the box is tuned too? Supposedly the box is tuned to 32 hz.

EDIT: I guess if it matters the sub is an Alpine Type R 1542D

http://i1174.photobucket.com/albums/r619/Jordan515dsm/IMG_02031_zps86ad2718.jpg (http://s1174.photobucket.com/user/Jordan515dsm/media/IMG_02031_zps86ad2718.jpg.html)

04-23-2013, 10:36 PM
you could but just make sure you seal it up nicely. also, when you seal it off it won't be tuned to anything i don't think. honestly though, if the box is in good shape, you'd probably be better off selling it online and buying a box that's already sealed

04-23-2013, 11:30 PM
Oh so do Hz only apply to ported boxes then? I've considered selling it online but the shipping is way more than I want to pay.

04-24-2013, 02:15 PM
well, instead of how long and wide a port is which works into what a ported box is tuned to, with sealed boxes i think it just depends of the amount of air space. idk if someone else will chime in but in my opinion, if your ported box is in good shape, post it online and sell locally. you could probably get 20-30 bucks which you could use for a decent pre fab sealed box. idk, i just wouldn't risk ruining the box you have and then have to buy another anyways. it's up to you but that's what i think. i've had type r's sealed and ported and both sound great. good luck with whatever you end up doing

04-24-2013, 05:30 PM
Correct - the amount of airspace (and the woofer in that airspace) will determine the resonance.