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04-16-2013, 09:03 AM
Sup Dudes. This is my first post here.
This is my truck:
2001 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab
Alpine cda-9853 (for now)
1 Zapco sx-sl II
1 Zapco 300c2-slx
1 Zapco 600c2-sl

I need all speakers, but I want to start with the front first then I'll go after the sub then rear doors. My friend suggested CDT, Morel and Focal. Those are all quality grade gear brands but I dont have a big budget. The CDT 6.5"hd m62 comps set is right for the price range(+/- $400).
I'm in need of advice.

04-16-2013, 03:13 PM
HD-M62 is good if you want to run the front speakers without a subwoofer. If not, the HD-62 set is a better all-around choice in that price range. As long as you make a sturdy, weather-proof baffle to mount the woofers either set will fit just fine. I recommend you mount the tweeters in the factory door locations and use the WS-100i Imaging tweeters to raise the sound above the dash. This will give you the best clarity without the separation issues coming from having the tweeter more than a few inches from the midrange.

04-16-2013, 11:31 PM
Ok, thank you.
Let me first say I know the word "good" is subjective.
Next, I listen to this kind of music: Fleetwood Mac, Rage Against the Machine, War, AC/DC, Brooks and Dunn, The Police, Earth, Wind and Fire, Dr Dre, Michael Jackson, and on and on.
I want to be able to "mostly" appreciate these recordings while I drive. I don't really "bump" my sound, but I want it to be available if I ask for it. I am mostly wanting presence and clarity at any volume. I feel it's reasonable to think I can find 6.5 comp speakers that will combine with my "good" amps and processor to "sound" good in my truck for under $600. So that brings me here asking you folks with knowledge and experience for advice to help me make an informed choice. Can you guys help me out?
I was talking to a dude at ******** Stereo who suggested the Focal V30 over the k2. And then the Hertz hsk 165xl over the v30.
He shot down the CDT's.
He more or less feels "they are a word of mouth internet speaker ..." made popular by 16 yo's buying their very first comp set and that the HD-62's weren't on the same level as the v30's or the k2's. I auditioned both the v30 and the k2 in their sound booth. I'm not yet convinced that either are the component set for me and my truck.
I'm pretty sure that the amps and processor I have are "good". When I paired them with the my old school Boston Acoustics Pro 6.5's even though I liked the overall presence with some music, it was mostly harsh and a bit brittle at louder volume. In fact, most of the time I felt it needed an overall top end attenuation of about -3 db starting from around 4k all the way out. That's including the -6 on the tweeter setting on the crossover.
Anyway, since I had an extremely harsh sound already, I'm looking for extemely smooth. (Does that even make sense??)

So, yeah, I'm still looking. Help.

04-17-2013, 12:23 AM
People can say whatever they want to try to close a sale, but take a look at this translation of a test report from a respected Russian car audio magazine on the winner of their comparison, CDT HD-62. This came in to CDT Audio today on behalf of one of their Russian dealers. There's another article not yet published that has CDT coming out on top again. This is nothing new for CDT Audio as they've won awards countless times over decades. There's no hype behind products of this nature.

Russian car audio magazine awards HD-62 "Leader" status in recent test report (http://www.513electronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/058_EN.pdf)

I got your pm and I'll continue this there.

04-19-2013, 02:48 PM
I recently bought a set of HD-62AS from Trumpet and am hugely impressed. I was considering the Hertz HSK-165, HAT Clarus series and the Rainbow SLC series. I listened to the Hertz and they sound great but I didn't think they gave the punch that I wanted out of my mids and they just didn't have the warmth that I wanted. I was able to listen to the HATs and they were awesome but about $150-200 more expensive than the CDTs. I never was able to listen to the Rainbows. I have also previously listened to the Focal line from the Access series to the K2s and I feel that the tweeters are too harsh for my liking on the Access and Performance series and, unless you buy a $600 set of components from Focal, the tweeters are too harsh. Here is what I wrote to Trumpet when I got my CDTs installed:

"I got my HD-62AS Öin yesterday evening and started playing with them. Holy Cow! I love the way they sound. I thought my Polk Momoís had good midbass and smooth highs. Theyíre lacking compared to the CDTís. My tweeters ended up in the sail panels where my previous tweeters were (even though CDT and everybody else says not to do that) because itís one of the only places in the truck for a tweeter to have a stealth install and the silk tweeter is tame enough that it does great up there. In fact, I get less imaging issues and had to use less EQ than I did with the Polkís. I donít have the imaging tweeters in yet but Iím going to put them in today and see how it sounds. Iím very glad I went this route instead of spending $50 more on the Hertz High Energy line and probably not having as warm or punchy of a speaker, which is what I like with the type of music I listen to..."

I now have the imaging tweeters in and this set does everything it is supposed to. The music is very real and very clear and is up in front of me on the dash board. I have also previously had Boston Pro Series and I agree with you on the tweeters. In fact, I'm not a metal tweeter fan. CDTs silk dome tweeters are so smooth and realistic that I am totally satisfied with them. Most shops out here don't know what CDT is and, if they do, you get a reaction like you did. I'd put my front stage up against a Hertz HSK front stage any day. My system is in a 2010 Toyota Tundra double cab and the front stage is being run by a Boston Accoustics GT4100 amp. I have two 10" subs in a ported enclosure under the rear seat and they were crossed over at 80 hz and my front stage was crossed over at 100 hz. When I put the CDTs in and started tuning, I turned the sub crossover down to 63 hz because the CDTs have so much punch and midbass and the CDTs are crossed over at 80 hz (12 db/octave on both).

Listen to Trumpet. He won't steer you wrong and he has great prices to boot.