View Full Version : alpine pxa-h600?

04-03-2013, 10:45 PM
looking for a little help from anyone with any experience with this. im currently using an alpine cda-7995. i have the ability to pick up an alpine pxa-h600, brand new. ill probably pick it up either way but im wondering if there is any benefit to using it with my current head unit. any help at all is appreciated.

04-03-2013, 11:02 PM
yep, through Ai-Net the volume will be transferred to the H600 and you gain processing that can also be controlled through the remote and A.Proc button.

04-04-2013, 12:11 AM
thanks, ive been trying to research but there isnt much info. my head unit already does time alignment and i was worried there wasnt enough other features to make it worth it, havent seen to many used. i have a friend who keeps the era-g320 just for looks i think, he wont sell it to me. im not sure the mic is in the box, is that a deal breaker?