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Silverado SS
03-27-2013, 11:22 PM
265410462654104726541048Item(s) for Sale:
Crescendo 3KWP

Item(s) Description/Condition:
Amp is very clean, one foot is bent very, very slighty. Has 1 1/4 inch scratch on the back side but is hard to see because of the gold other than that it is pretty mint. the ground screw is stripped out some but a normal screwdriver works fine with it, I have 0 gauge Skar Audio terminals for an extra 10$ because the screw is not that bad. Condition is 8/10 just because I am OCD about my items and most would rate a 9/10. It has then same board as the sundown 3k

4 ohm power @ 13.8V @ .3% THD 855w
2 ohm power @ 13.8V @ .3% THD 1650w
1 ohm power @ 13.8V @ .3% THD 3,370w
.5 ohm power @ 13.8V @ .5% THD 4,030w
High Voltage:
1 ohm Power @ 16V @ .7% THD 3,980W
1 ohm Power @ 18V @ 1% THD 4,530W
1 ohm Power @ 18V @ 10% THD 5,950W
2 3KWP Linked/Strapped:
2 ohm Linked @ 13.8V @ .4% THD 6,445W
2 Ohm Linked @ 18v @ 1% THD 9000w
2 ohm Linked @ 18V @ 10%THD 12,050w

Signal to Noise Ratio 95dB
Damping Factor >290
Efficiency 87% at 4 ohm, 60 hz
External Fuse Rating 300 Amp in-line
Input Sensitivity 200mV - 8V Variable
Low Pass Filter 35Hz ~ 350Hz @ 24dB/Slope
Subsonic Filter 10Hz ~ 60Hz @ 24dB/Slope
2 Amplifier Strapped Connection Capable: Output Master / Input Slave
Low Pass Filter 35Hz ~ 350Hz @ 24dB/Slope
Subsonic Filter 10Hz ~ 60Hz @ 24dB/Slope
Working Voltage 9.8V ~ 18.5V
Dimensions (mm) 594mm (L) x 247mm (W) x 61mm (H)
Dimensions (in) 23.4in (L) x 9.7in (W) x 2.4in (H)

475 Shipped + Paypal fees OBO worst I can say is no
no trades other than a big 18, 2 15s or a simliar power amp like DD m3 and so on. Can add cash for right deal or vice versa.

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:
shipping included in price

Item Pictures:

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