View Full Version : Help building a underseat box in a F-150 Supercrew for SPG555

03-22-2013, 09:58 AM
I just got a Boston Acoustics SPG555-4 sub and want to build a box for it. I have a 2012 f-150 Supercrew. I planed to have it down fire in a sealed box but it it too tall to do it I think. The area under the rear seat is back of cab is 4" tall to front of rear seat 13" and width is more than 50".
I have a Alpine PDX 600.1 to power it. I have stock HU W/sync feed through audio control LC2i. So I believe UNLESS BETTER OPTIONS I should build a Ported 2.1^3 box to fit under the seat.
My question comes down to what is the best way to build it. Has anyone had any experience with F-150 SC sub placement with a 555 and box types for it. Please don't tell me where to buy a box or hit up my local audio dealer for help. I would just like a little help here if possible.
Thanks for reading and helping a guy in need out.
Just to explain better what I am working with is,back side is D1=4.5" to D2=13.5' length to D1 to D2 is around 16" and my width can be around 48". These numbers can be changed slightly too.
The sub is 14.25" x 12 oval shaped. The outside lip is 1.5" protruding and needs an extra 1.5" for flex. The inside length is 8.25" to the bottom of the sub.
Now with that said how much air space is needed from bottom of the woofer to the MDF if any? I hope This is making sense to under stand what I am dealing with.