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03-21-2013, 07:30 PM
Keep in mind this is just a domestic daily driver commuter car.

I've had my 98 Spyder for around 8 months, working a part-time job hasn't left me a lot of money, but i manage with this:

When i first got my car, all it had was the stock Infinity Sound Package (with 200w Infinity 4 channel Amp) and a crappy old Pioneer P6400 headunit... nothing special whatsoever..

The very first thing i did was trow out the blown rear 6x9's and toss in some Kicker DS693's for $45

Next came the sub... a little Lanzar VW124 12" (like 6lbs, 95oz magnet, $35), Quantum Audio 8awg wiring kit ($20), an Atrend BBox (.9cu', $20), and a Dual 400w (150rms bridged 4ohm, $50). This little cheap system hit pretty decently, it was ok for a beginner, but the itch came... the need for more bass..

My Dad's friend gave me a Targa 7200EQ 7-band EQ, this was from 1989 and was new in the box, unopened. Needless to say, it didn't work, just blew fuses left and right and eventually friend itself, to the dump!

Next was an old Jensen HD5212 headunit i picked up for $50 from a friend, this piece of sh*t started bugging out bad, it would randomly start turning the volume up, or rwd/ffw, go through effing up my settings.. i was stuck with this for months.

I just got a couple hundred dollars and went and picked up a Pioneer GM-5500T 820W amp for $120, this amp bottomed out the Lanzar constantly, but i was stuck til i got enough cash to get a beefier sub.

The Pioneer "Required" 4awg wiring, i swapped over to 4awg and did a 4awg Big 3 Upgrade for $20 (Cadence)

When i saved enough, i ordered a monster of a sub for $130. A Power Acoustik MOFO124X, this was the most expensive PA sub besides the 15 and it showed, this thing is one massive 12"... the magnet is 340oz, has DVC @ 4ohm and the basket is 1/8" CNC aluminum with .5" spokes, 2700w max and 1500rms. This monster sat less than 2" from the bottom of the box... new box needed!

I decided to ditch the Jensen, and dropped $140 on a Power Acoustik PTID-7002NR headunit, which had a 7" touch screen. This is a very nice little HU for the price.

Spent $34 on a 4x8 sheet of MDF and made myself a 2.06cu' enclosure, tuned to 32hz. This is an awesome combo with the Sub & Amp, this system slams HARD for a single 12".

this is where my system sits today:
Kicker DS693
Infinity 5.25" and 2" speakers
Infinity 200.4
Power Acoustik PTID-7002NR
Power Acoustik MOFO-124X
Pioneer GM-5500T
Custom 32hz enclosure

03-23-2013, 01:51 AM
Very good read. Like how you chronologically separate everything. Inspiration for my build!