View Full Version : I need help with my box for 2 mtx 9510

04-21-2004, 02:28 PM
I have a 2000 firebird and i just got a memphis mojo 2400 amp and 2 mtx 9500 10's. I want to hit as hard as i can "meaning pressure". First of all should i go with a ported or seald box? If so do any one know who can make this box for me? I was thinking of a snail shell from power4sound but i think there dual 10 inch box will be to big. This is the last thing i need to install my sounds. remember Im looking for some serious pressure and hard hitting bass. thanks for your help

04-21-2004, 05:11 PM
Well I guess you are looking for SPL. I am not sure if this box will work in your car, but it will do everything it says and them some. 140 + db with 2 10's. It is not cheap, but having someone build a box is not cheap either. I am sorry I do not know how to do links, but cut and paste this link and you will see the box that is in my truck. Your 9500 have a stiff cone which this box likes. As my friend said when he heard my 2 10 eclipse titanium in this box "I THINK YOU JUST MADE ME POOP ON MYSELF"




This box is the ****

04-21-2004, 05:57 PM
dude that box looks like the ****... but who has that kind of money for an enclosure?

04-22-2004, 09:15 PM
Well you have spend a little to get a lot. It is not chep I will give you that, but **** it is worth every penny. I have been hard pressed to build a box, or hear a box that car reach the DB this one can with only 2 10's. Heck when I started this in the early 80's we were hard pressed to hit the mid 150's with 18' subs. Now people are hitting it with 12's. Technology has come so far. Hell we had 10 amps trying as hard as we could to hit 10,000 watts, now you can do it with 5 or 6. Not to mention the 10 golf cart batteries and external generators to keep the batteries charged.