View Full Version : Subwoofer will be too close to the port opening!!!

03-16-2013, 10:31 PM
Hey guys!

Today I started to build my very first subwoofer enclosure. It is an L-port enclosure by the way. I have 2 12 inch memphis studio subwoofers (yes, they are OLD!!!). But anywho, only god knows the specs on those subwoofers, so i decided to be "creative" and create an enclosure and see how the subs perform. I drive a 2002 toyota corolla, so the enclosure itself couldnt be too wide. My box dimensions are 30x24x14. And i decided that a 4 inch port would work. So, i cut up all the pieces that i needed, and it turns out, my derp self didnt realize that since the box is 30 inches wide, i would have to subtract 4 inches for the port for the front piece of the enclosure. THAT left me with 26 inches TOTAL for the front of the enclosure! and THAT means that my subs will literally be kissing each other, AND my left subwoofer will be cutting it REALLY close to my port opening (im talking maybe half an inch away from the port opening). Now of course, i shed a tear or two, but i still hope that it will work. So my question to you audio experts is -----> is having the subwoofer TOO close to the port OPENING bad? does it have any effect on tuning or port noise? Also, i cant scoot it over, because my right subwoofer is also in the same situation. Itll be pretty much a half an inch or so away from the edge of the box.

03-16-2013, 10:35 PM
youll be just fine.