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03-16-2013, 06:08 PM
Hi all,

Just got my new Pioneer DEH-80PRS. Fitted today without too much grief and appeared all working. Went through the initial setup process (entering time etc) then finished that and exited. After the radio was on I found it strangely confusing. When I try to enter in to the menus it random switches over to the Bluetooth menu it's self and cuts what I was doing. I also cannot change the volume of the radio, whenever I turn the wheel the radio goes in and out of the Bluetooth menu. To even attempt to change the volume I have to keep turning the wheel rapidly back and fourth to increase/decrease by 1, you see the volume icon thing pop up for about a second before it jumps back on to the Bluetooth menu.

I can not get in to any of the EQ settings or even get in to the main settings menu where you can change the colour etc. I did plug my ipod in today and it was playing sounds although it will constantly sit on the Bluetooth menu unless I turn the volume wheel to a certain position where it will then show the current song etc.

I'm putting this down to a fault with the head / complete unit, wanted some advice what others think or if someone else has had this possible fault? One thing to note is that I don't yet have the ariel plugged in since I need a converter, but I don't think that would cause such a malfunction? The two radio car leads connect to the adapter they supply where it then goes in to a single plug in to the back of the radio unit.

Something else I did notice is that it bleeps 3 - 4 times when I remove the key out of the ignition, is this also normal? The remote they supply also doesn't seem to work, doesn't do anything when pointing at the radio. Whenever you turn the radio off completely it turns its self on and the bluetooth menu appears on the screen. It's as if a button is constantly being pushed down.. Very strange.

Thanks for your help.

03-16-2013, 06:36 PM
I have the DEH-80PRS, the beeping when you take the key out of the ignition is just a reminder that the faceplate is still plugged in. Pioneer tries to remind you to take it out to deter theft. All of you other issues I have not experienced. I would copy/paste what you have here and talk to Pioneer about this.