View Full Version : Tape Dock acting crazy?!

03-07-2013, 10:42 PM
My 1998 Lincoln Navigators tape dock was acting crazy by spitting out the tape repeatedly. So I ready online to clean it. I used some all purpose cleaner and rubbing alcohol. I sort of got frustrated trying to reach into it and directly sprayed into it. :( So.... I thought everything was fine, tried to dry out what I could and left the q tip in the flap to help it air out. Well a few hours later I check on it and the tape player starts. Note there is NO tape in the player. Just the tape player spinning and clinched down. So I tried pressing all the buttons and it wouldn't let up. A few hours later I checked on it again and it was up (no longer clenched playing a ghost tape). So I put my tape adapter it. It had to be forced a bit because it wouldn't let it in. Then when it let it in it wouldn't clench down and play it. The tape was stuck, and I was very frustrated. I decided to try turning the truck on and off repeatedly. This made it eject the tape. So I took it out and tried it in again to see if it'd go in better. Nope, still the same. BUT it did start to play, it keeps clicking. Clicking and playing the music. I'm just afraid that once I start the car again it'll eject and I'll have to jimmy with it EVERYTIME.

I have the manufacturer stereo of course. I really don't want a new radio because the CD player in my truck is a 6 disk in the console. Idk how to go about even buying a new radio that would work with the console CD player. I'm getting my subs and amp installed tomorrow both Rockfords. What should I do? I explained a little bit to the car guy, and he said he'd look at it but I'm sort of pressed for money and if I need to buy a new radio I need something cheap but that would make my rockfords sound great. Thanks for any help that can be offered. I'm just so angry right now..

03-07-2013, 10:48 PM