View Full Version : Sub box build v3. Couple quick questions.

03-07-2013, 08:09 PM
Do I need a divider for for 2 subs 2 amps? And what's the best for port direction in a mustang. I currently have subs front ports back side facing forward with 90 elbow. I'm thinking two 8" aeros out the back. Subs firing in. The aeros will be about 2-4" from the deck lid.. thoughts?! 2 15" mojos tc9 motors on 2000w massive n4 x2
And would one 10" be better than 2 8" port?
Box is 9.564 ft^3 IF I can get away with taking the divider out. Otherwise the box becomes 4.6ft^3
The round port calculator is saying 2 8" at 22" long. Are both 22" or 11" to equal 22?

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