View Full Version : Is there anyone doing Krell / Audio Research / Thiel car audio gear?

03-07-2013, 04:21 PM
Back in my younger days, I put together a high end, home audio system made up of Apogee Speakers, an Aragon amp, a PS Audio Preamp, and a Rega Planer 3 turntable. I loved this system because of three reasons. First, I could understand the words of the person who was singing. It wasn't just a mumbling blur of sound. Second, the music sounded like real instruments. If I closed my eyes, it sounded very much like live music, instead of like a hifi system. A cello sounded like a cello. A jazz bass sounded like a jazz base. Finally, you could pick out one instrument that was playing, and follow the tune being played throughout the entire song. These features were what made high end audio different than the stuff being sold in most stores. And when I say "high end", I think of things like Naim, Linn Sondek, Rega, Audio Research, Thiel, B&W, Snell Acoustics, etc.

I know that the interior of a car is a horrible place to reproduce high quality sound (with road noise, crappy interior acoustics etc), but are there any companies doing car audio that can reproduce produce music that sounds like instruments and real people singing? Most of the stuff that I've listened to from JVC, Kenwood, Infinity etc is pretty average. It seems to be crunchy highs, deep pounding bass, and loud volume, and not much of an accurate sound reproduction. Just wondering if anyone did anything better?

I've listened to the Mark Levinson system in a Lexus LS460, and the system in a BMW, and they are pretty good, but I obviously can't get these in my Ford.