View Full Version : Voice module not following Silent Mode (Viper)

04-20-2004, 03:03 PM
I have a DEI Python 1500ESP alarm system, with the 516U voice module. I didn't really need nor want it, but since I owned it I had it put in. They did not install correctly.

The problem is when I press the Silent Mode keypad combo (Aux + lock buttons), the chirp is correctly silenced, but the voice mod still announces the status of the system. This is very annoying, as I often want to silently arm and disarm without disrupting those around me, but the voice is never silenced no matter what.

For those familiar with this setup, what exactly does it mean if the voice module is not silenced when arming/disarming using the Silent Mode? Specifically, what wire/jumper is not attached or should I be looking for on the system or the voice module, to get both to work in conjunction with one another?


04-25-2004, 04:44 PM
Ill tell ya how everything should be hooked up, as i have one as well, and am an installer at a shop.

Green Wire - Green wire on shock sensor
Brown Wire- Siren output on brain.
Orange Wire- Ground when armed output from brain (orange)
Red Wire- 12 volts
Yellow Wire- Switched 12 Volts
Black- Ground
Two Grey Wires- to the voice module speaker

Make sure the dip switches are set properly. If not, siren chirp detection may be turned off, and that would be why you aren't getting silent mode. Make sure the installer hooked up the siren wire, and turned on chirp detection accordingly. That sounds like your problem.