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03-03-2013, 06:00 PM
Ok. So I want to build a custom sub box for my Colorado Extended Cab. This is my first box so few questions.

1. I want to build a box to the sub specs then have a large face inside. Is there anything special I need to do or as long as the inner box is solid the rest will be fine?

2. I'm thinking about rounding the edges, filling the gaps, and covering it in black plastidip to my the plastidipped accessories in my car. Is there any issue with plastidipping instead of carpet?

I'll post pictures of the space it's going into. (replacing Infinity basslink) and a sketch or two of what i'm thinking about. Not sure If I want to surface mount the amps or hide flush mount. Again, this is my first build, so if you see anything that might be an issue let me know! Thanks!


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