View Full Version : Is there anything better for the money than these focal components?

03-01-2013, 12:02 AM
Is there anything better than these focals for the money?:

Focal Kit 165V33 3 Way 160W Speakers 165 V33 Limited Edition Original Brand New | eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/FOCAL-KIT-165V33-3-WAY-160W-SPEAKERS-165-V33-LIMITED-EDITION-ORIGINAL-BRAND-NEW-/280867267654)

03-01-2013, 04:48 AM
These are supposed to be good speakers, but ...

"Item location:
Ancaiano, Italy

Ships to:
Americas, Asia, Australia"

I am not sure if I'd deal with a vendor from abroad.

You want something comparable? If you can run with active crossovers, get Hybrid Audio Imagine components plus a set of Hybrid Audio L3v2 3 inch midranges. The online price for the whole bundle is about $620, but you're getting it from a legit vendor. Moreover, Hybrid Audio has the policy of trading in used speakers for upgrades at 60% of the original purchase price, so if you want to change the Imagine components for Clarus or Legatia, or say L3v2 for L3se, etc, you will get 60% of your spent cash back. The catch is that you don't get a 3-way passive crossover. My understanding Hybrid Audio and Focal Polyglass are quite comparable according to people who heard both. Both companies use cones made from processed paper and relatively high resonance tweeters. The HAT tweeters are made from textile, silk, or similar material, while Focals are metal. Also, drop by your Focal, Hybrid Audio, or JL Audio dealer. Sometimes you can be surprised with deals you can get locally.

Another set of components that may be comparable are JL Audio C5 3-ways. These come with a passive crossover and should cost less than Focals. I have no idea how they compare. I bet JLs will have a more well behaved tweeters. Focals have a reputation for harsher, more aggressive tweeters, in some installs at least.