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02-27-2013, 01:49 PM
My old Jeep finallly gave up it's life this winter. In general I got a ton of life out of it with minimal repairs (until about 200K), plus I already had the kickpanels, HO alternator, and a few other odds and ends.... so I wound up buying another one same year with a lot less miles.

Equipment currently is Excessive Amperage alternator, Die Hard Platinum (under the hood) 4X O'reiley's premium (rebadged Dekka) bats in the rear) strung together with 1/0 (mostly weldingsupply.com) cable and toolmaker distro blocks. JVC in dash DVD player, Zed Leviathan (under the back seat run 3 way) to: Peerless 6.5 mids (in doors), Exodus 6.5" mids (in kicks), SEAS Lotus tweets (in kicks). 4X Zed Minotaur. I had picked up some 18" Ti style baskets, but since I haven't got any adapter rings yet, I decided to make up another neo 12 to mate the one that survived my experiments last year. Came out super ugly because the CA glue I had in a squeeze bottle was getting a bit gummy. Whatever.... long story short, pair of Neo Sig 12's with old style Shocker cones, new super stiff Shocker spiders D2.8 copper coils and mix-matched dustcaps.

Once the weather improves, I plan to poly the false floor... last time I didn't wait for the poly to really harden up so it got all scuffed up. I had a chance to sand it down, but haven't had a few days to leave it to harden.

In my last Jeep I'd always run port to the side and angle the box so that port fired into the corner for burps. I figured here I could just fire the port out the corner and conserve volume and have the port in the optumum direction. I also like the way the port walls go down the center of the box and add some bracing to the top and bottom.


02-27-2013, 01:51 PM

Will update as I play with things a bit.

03-03-2013, 02:14 PM
Mmm should be interesting. I'm tuned in!