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02-26-2013, 09:51 PM
Hello everyone,
recently i've got a Fiat Punto mk1 (1996) from my parents,and first thing that i want to modify on it is the audio system.And since i'm still going to school,my budget is not really a big one,so i'll try to make the best out of it.For the first few weeks,i'll have to use the ones on the back shelf,because i don't have a place for speakers in front door panels.Anyway,once i figure out what's the best option for front doors,my setup will look somewhat like this.

Head Unit:Pioneer 4200SD (that head unit was in my father's Golf GTI,and he gave it to me since he bought Alpine)
Front doors:Hertz ESK165
Rear shelf:Hertz ESK165 or Hertz ECX 690
Amp:Magnat 360 Classic (4x90 rms)

Don't suggest me any other brand,since i am only going to buy a Hertz speakers,because i just love the way they sound.There are not so many brands to choose from here in Serbia,but i compared my ESK 165 to lot's of Pioneer,Ground Zero,JBL,Alpine,Magnat,and none of those had the nice,crisp sound like Hertz.Tho,these Hertz ESK's can't really do their best when they are working with amp from Head unit.I tried to put them on some Pioneer 2x60rms AMP,and the difference was HUGE,can't wait to see how they work on 4x90 or 4x100 rms amp.
Now my question is,should i go for another set of ESK 165's for rear shelf or shall i buy ECX 690? Which one of those two,will give me more clear,crisp sound? Yea,i want a bass to be strong,and deep,but not way to much,that i can't hear the songs because of it.
And ye, i know that Magnat 360 Classic amp is not really a new model,but it has 4x80 (360 Gladiator has 4x90) rms,and they will push these Hertz's more then enough.If i had more money i'd go for the Hertz EP 4 X (4x100rms) but my budget simply doesn't allow it at the moment,which doesn't mean that i could swap my ESK's for some HSK's in the near future.

02-28-2013, 03:00 PM
Advices? Anyone?