View Full Version : JVC KD-AVX2 Single Din DVD player Solid performance and value.

02-21-2013, 07:04 PM
Review of JVC KD-AVX2:


A couple months ago my old Pioneer digital media player started having some issues with the USB slot. I did like that a lot, but they're discontinued and pretty well dried up. I need a single DIN size for my Jeep since the dash hangs over too much to do a flip-up and doing double DIN would involve modifying heater/AC vents. Shopping around I noticed a lot of stores had JVC KD-AVX2 for @ 180$ on closeout so I pulled the trigger on one through a big online retailer (via eBay listing).

First I must say I was quite impressed with the fit and finish of this unit. Feels tight and of solid build quality. Removeable face sits snugly and everything was generally tight and allright.

This unit has a ton of RCA in and outs and you'll want to make sure you have a little room behind your HU to fit everything.

After a month of so of using it I've come to the conclusion that I like it quite a bit. I really like the fact that it has output for 5.1 channel surround (though haven't had a chance to fit more speakers and amps). 5V pre-amp they claim for pre-amp outputs is definitely optimistic based on where I have to set my gains, but the pre-outs are certainly adequate. It also has a feature to turn off the amplification for the normal speaker outs (don't know if it helps, but my gut tells me it'll keep heat down if I'm not useing them).

It has some basic on-board EQ and crossover functions, though neither are anything I'd use. Plays CDs and DVD's (including burned ones +MP3's) without complaint, and the picture and resolution of the screen is quite adequate.

Remote has a ton of features but IMO is not terribly intuitive.

My biggest complaint is that it does not play AVI/DIVX style files and has no place for USB stick or SD card (I'm quite spoiled by the ammount of music I can stuff on a thumb drive). Similarly, it appears you need to buy an additional cable to integrate with Ipod/Iphone, but I don't use Apple products so I could care less there.

Overall I think this unit is a fantastic value for the <200$ price tag they can be had for. Seems they have a newer model now with a wider screen, but still no capability for other video files or USB/SD Card.

If you can live without SD card and USB stick capability, jump on this if you want a single DIN that has the flexibility to play movies.