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02-19-2013, 06:06 PM
I'm currently running two alpine type-R model SWR-1243Ds. I was wanting to build a box with the subs firing upwards and the port towards the rear. I'm going to be running a square port. I will be using a router and rounding the edges off and all around the box. I need help with some specs to build a box.
the subwoofers specs are:

Ideal Ported Volume: 1.5 ft^3/woofer
Vas (liters): 38
Fs (Hz): 31
Qts: 0.53
Xmax (millimeters): 20

I listen to a good mixture of music; Rock, country, rap. Not much metal or anything. I'm thinking around 28-32Hz port tuning?
I'm a pretty good builder but I really lack when it comes to the math involved with building speaker enclosures. I'm working with a '98 Ford Explorer Sport (the two door model explorer) I plan on using a sheet of MDF and raising the floor and running all wires and amps below the box with a plexi-glass cover over the amp. Any help with box and cut measurements would be awesome.

02-22-2013, 10:45 PM
It sounds like you need a designer, You should contact one of the box designers on the forums to help.you out with a.box design / math.. but for a small fee of course. I think there's buck and ram on the forums good luck.