View Full Version : Funkin Audio - Promo Blast - 50% off for reviews!

Anthony Collova
02-18-2013, 03:17 PM
To help generate some noise about all of the Funkin' Audio product we just brought in, we are going to have a limited offer.

We already listed the price on the DIYMA.com store at 50-60% off of MSRP, but the for the promo, first 50 people to by any of the Funkin Audio subs (SL or SX series - any size) will get 50% off the already discounted price.

All we ask is that you install them within 2 weeks and have a review with pics up within 1 week of that. The review should be pretty thorough and placed on at least 3 websites.

If you agree to these terms, use this code to take 50% off your Funkin' Audio purchase at diyma.com:


Due to us moving in to our new warehouse things are still kind of shaky, so please allow a few days for shipping.


Anthony Collova
02-18-2013, 11:22 PM
Ain't nobody got time for this?