View Full Version : Best Bang for My Buck

02-17-2013, 12:24 AM
Sorry, I feel like I should clarify that I'm a bit of a noob. With that out of the way, I have a 97 Grand Cherokee with a stock head unit (and stock speakers). I'm looking to upgrading my car's sound system and I thought I would start with the head unit. Looked around a bit but was kinda overwhelmed by the choices. I've heard good things about Alpine & Pioneer are these the best?

Basically I want something with an aux in, usb, a cd player, and it wouldn't hurt to have lots of pretty colors ;) I don't need bluetooth and don't really want to pay the extra money for installation/materials. Above all, however, it has to sound good. Thanks for you help!

02-17-2013, 01:23 AM
I just recently bought a Pioneer DEH-X7500HD off sonic electronix and I'm happy with it. It's fairly cheap, it has 3 sets of 4v pre outs and the Eq on it isn't to bad. It also has any color you could want and the sound quality is actually pretty good.