View Full Version : Question about replacing door speakers in a Saturn SC2

02-09-2013, 03:54 PM
I'm currently in the process of replacing my stock door speakers. I started with the passenger side. After unscrewing the speaker there was some sort of adapter of some kind with a backing (like a bowl) that was in the speaker hole. I have bought proper adapters to make sure my speakers fit, but I was not sure whether to attach the speaker to the adapter, but keep the bowl backing(sorry if it has a name, but I'll just call it that for now) in the speaker hole, or to just dump the bowl backing and just use my new adapters with nothing behind the speakers. I was afraid that the backing was needed, so (after much difficulty) managed to attach the speaker to the adapter over this stock backing. But did I need to? I haven't done the driver's side and want to know do I just use my new adapters or do I need to keep this bowl backing(maybe it's to protect the speakers)? Any help is much appreciated! Thank you very much.