View Full Version : polk momo mid driver upgrade [raw drivers]

02-05-2013, 07:22 PM
i`m currently running polk momo mids in my doors and would like to find a good upgrade[raw mid range drivers only] for under$200.00 ish. i`ve always been a fan of the oldschool polks from the 80`s, but these just don t compair. any advice is greatly appreciated. the momo are to bright and in your face for me.something with good vocals is a plus.
i`ve heard great things about the jbl ms line and might get the component set just for the mids.
of course i wish i had the funds for some hat lagatia s but thats not happening anytime soon.
i`m currently using hat pro tweeters .they sound amazing but the momo s are killin me.

02-06-2013, 02:00 PM
i m currently considering these:1.jbl ms52c 2.cdt es5 3.mb quart psc213[german version] 4. orion millennium 5 [nt5]aka hcca5 6. aura mr 52[would remove the tweeter] 7.phd audiophile fb5.1 8. phd 5.1 af[a lilttle over 200.00] 9.phenox gold zpm130 nib only 75.00!!
watching all of these on ebay .they are all under 200.00 except the phd 5.1 af @225.00
both phd models would be shipped from overseas which concerns me a little ie shipping time and the unknown of customs rough handling etc.
any input about any of these or other drivers is greatly appreciated.