View Full Version : What does everyone usually tune their wall to for daily???

02-01-2013, 06:01 AM
I see lots of people with vids of walls but no specs on it. What does everyone usually tune their wall to? I've seen a few people so far tuning to 36-37 but nobody tuning lower.

02-01-2013, 06:08 AM
ive seen everything from 37-50 ..depends on car peak freq. setup lots of factors

02-01-2013, 06:11 AM
I'm thinking about doing a C-pillar wall in my dodge magnum so I needed input on what would be the norm usually for walls. I was thinking 32-33 but that's just my liking

02-01-2013, 06:15 AM
yea most walls ive seen arent tuned that low bc 99% of people doin walls are for spl. and thats jis.to low of a tune ..but if u dont plan on competing tune to ur liking ..im sure soneone on here can help u design one if.u give them dimensions...and also might be able to find another magnum owner to chime in

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what sub(s) and amp(s) ? just curious

02-01-2013, 06:22 AM
Thanks man. Yeah I've been looking up a lot of c pillar walls and they sound just as good. I just really enjoy having my back seats so it does help.

02-01-2013, 06:26 AM
yea back seats r hard to give up sometime but that ting should have enough space to do a decent size wall

02-01-2013, 06:29 AM
While doing a wall in 95% of cases there is plenty of room to design the enclosure larger than needed. If you do so you can tune higher and still hit the lows. So tuning around 37 or so with a larger than spec enclosure will allow you to still hit the lows and play higher frequencies accurate as well. Kind of a cheap mans 4th order is how I kind of think of it lol. (Not really but a similiar concept)

Someone correct me if Im wrong someone???

02-01-2013, 06:44 AM
Good thought now I know! thanks a lot guys. BTW this is for a 21" warden so yeah haha. Gotta make it worth it

02-05-2013, 10:19 AM
40hz for driving around daily, and as high as 60-65 for competing

02-09-2013, 12:50 AM
Why in the world would you tune to 40 for a daily setup? I'm tuned at 31 and wouldn't want much higher than that.

02-09-2013, 08:52 AM
I've done walls from 32-42Hz for daily set ups. All have worked out well on music and put up decent numbers....