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01-27-2013, 04:40 AM
I have a 4 channel 600w sony amp. I had some crappy speakers i installed in the front and rear they were 6.5 pyle 120rms few hundred peak anyways the amp specs claimed the max power was at 120x4.

So i figured somehow that id be able to put full power into 4 speakers 110x4. I remembered i tryed full gains pretty much and could not turn my head unit past 10 vol after that i was getting distortion id say.

So i ended up putting the gains in the middle straight up and down figuring half power clean rms.

Well i recently noticed distorting i just checked the line in wires on the amp and notice a left speaker on a right high level hookup and polarity different on one speaker in so i checked em all then i was listening to the speaker when i turned on the radio and it was at low volume and i herd distortion.

Now im thinking i need some new 6.5 or 6.25s I already upgraded the rears with some kicker 6x9s to replace some infinitys that where also crapping out i had noticed one speaker was flexing pretty good and the other side was barely moving one time and i had also smelled something so i pulled em out.

Those were only 40w rms apparently the amp was too much for the infinitys.

Anyways the only thing i dident notice is the amp calls for a 4 gauge power wire at one point i had a 20ft cheap walmart 8g kit hooked up to it. A few months a go i came across a really good priced 0guage kit and a distrubution block so i figured since i had 2 amps it would be perfect.

I then cut a 2-3ft piece of 8g and ran from the block to the amp. I figured id be getting more power to the amp and i could maybe turn the gains up alil and it would be cleaner then before.

Dont really know what im doing seemed alil louder slightly then one day i read somewhere that it took 4g not 8 so i read my manual and it said 4g too.

So i upgraded again i took 2 3ft pieces of power wire i had cut and i twisted the ends together on each side and crimped a ring on it i figured 2 pieces of 8 would give me 4g.

Now i just gotta figure out what is a decent not to high priced speaker with the right amount of power for the front doors ??? any ideas

01-27-2013, 04:57 AM
You have a magnificent amount of fail going on, bro.

1)Never pay attention to any amplifiers or speakers max power rating. all that matters is rms.

2)Using the high-level inputs on most amps results in crap sound quality. You need a head unit with rca outputs. Preferably three sets of you plan on amping front and rear speakers + a sub.

3) you are clipping your amp pretty badly. look up what that means. here, I'll help. Clipping (audio) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clipping_(audio))

4)Google everything you do involving audio until you get the hang of it. Or come here first. You are going to have a pile of blown amps and speakers if you keep doing what you're doing.

01-27-2013, 05:48 AM
Gain is not volume

2 8awg does not equal 4awg

Both pyle and sony wont give good sound in the first place.... And coupled with everything u described.... May god have mercy on your ears

P.s. X2 on what he^ said

01-27-2013, 06:04 AM
Sorry to disappoint you, but most speakers on the market, specially in your budget range, probably do not handle >100watt RMS power. The ratings are based on the speaker's thermal limit, but a lot of speakers will run out of excursion in bass frequencies long before then. You can get some 100watt RMS speaker to bottom out with true 50watt power even with a conservative high pass setting. My point here, do not read too much into speaker's power handling ratings and do not worry about having too much power (even if that was true).

Next, you absolutely have no basis to assume that you send X amount of watt power to your speakers, unless you have verified that with a DMM.

01-28-2013, 05:44 PM
i have an alpine head unit with a kit on it that is made to adapt to a jeep cherokee i figure why remove it when its a clean install.

I dont know if i would need a whole new kit for a new deck. my current deck has only on preout and i use that for sub amp.

i got factory wires from deck going to high-level inputs then 14g going to speakers from amp.

the original system was just a sub and deck running door speakers.

The amp is a zr604 4 channel.

So what would i do your saying av is that high level inputs arent good and cause more distortion then rca????

Ok i get that so then what would be the easiest way to swap out the old alpine unit its from 2001 could i tie into the kit i have??? also if i do upgrade what would be a reasonably priced deck upgrade that is a improvment worth swapping that would have 3 preouts and not break my wallet.

Also assuming i can get 65w clean out of the amp what would be a decent speaker set that wouldent be too cheap but not overly spendy 6.5 or 6.25 at 65w rms thats the amps rated clean power 110 would be max i already know this amp wont do that. Ive only turned the gains real high once on the overrated pyle of junks i usaully run half gain.

at one time i had a pair of infinity kappas not reference rated 70w rms hooked up and they sounded great on this sony amp.

Every other speaker i ever owned was junk low powered basic brands etc my last pair of infinity was reference and they blew pretty easy.

guess i need a new deck and a pair of front speakers ideas welcome

01-30-2013, 03:04 PM
How about this Audio Systems (http://www.bcae1.com/asystems.htm) that site there will tell you and show you everything u need to know about car audio.

Why do i have to read what i already know i already know that the sinc wave changes at some point gets sqaure and causes a mess.

What i was trying to say is based on what i have basic sony 120 dollar amp. How much power would i be gettin that would be clean???

The max is 110x4 so am i to assume that half of that is clean power say 55w. How does the average person know when they have hit a distortion point???

When i put in a new pair of 6.5's how will i know if there gonna put out enough power??? most door speakers are 35-40w rms. If the amp claims 60wx4 rms then my door speakers would blow at rms??? I only intend on playing rap and rock music threw them and the woofer handles the bass so i would filter the bass out of the door speakers.