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01-24-2013, 03:14 AM
Item(s) for Sale:

1. BNIB hertz mille ML3000 4ohm two total

2. audiosystem x300.2 (reason here is it does 1000rms 4ohm and 1500rms 2ohm so perfect match for these subs) w remote

Item(s) Description/Condition:




1. 750 PER

2. 650 less than retail

Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information:

good luck if you can find these ml3000 brand new somewhere else its getting rare / used maybe

shipping is what ever we work out
amp here with subs because it matches up perfectly and has perfect damping

also pm me and i will provide my cell

Item Pictures:
i originally posted this add yesterday without the name date photo.. i didn't pull either out of the closet today and the moderator sympathized with me and said just leave them in the closet and hold up a piece of paper. so i did my best but you will get the point, the rest of the pics are same as yesterday... the darker one actually came out the best you can see both boxes the other is with both amps ( the x165.4 on top and the x300.2 bottom / audiosystem x165.4 is for sale also) as a thumbnail u cant make out anything but if you click on it you will see...for serious buyers i can take more pics or video.. like i said just pm and we can talk

Component Subwoofer
Size mm 300 (12)
Power peak 1500
Handling cont. program 750
Impedance Ω 4
Frequency Hz 25 900
Sensitivity dB/SPL 89
Outer mm 318
Mounting mm 284
Total depth mm 207
Mounting mm 179
Total driver l 3,1
Weight of one kg 12,8
Voice mm 65
coil diameter
Magnet Double magnet high density flux ferrite
Cone Polypropylene with Talco injection
Xmech* mm 28

some amp specs

2-Channel High Power Amplifier Audio System X-Series (successor of the Audio System X-ion 280.2)
Performance audio system X300.2:
2 x 300 RMS watts stereo 4 ohm
2 x 500 RMS watts stereo 2 ohm
2 x 750 RMS watts stereo 1 ohm
1 x 1000 RMS watts mono 4 ohm
1x 1500 RMS Watt mono 2 ohms 2-Channel High Power Class-AB operation with SMD and FULL MOSFET technology load stable to 1 ohm stereo per channel and 2 ohms in bridged mode ,
variable switchable and bandpass filte (subsonic filtre) Wired Remote Controller - INCLUDED

RTC including FSA (front-stage adapter),
High Level Input (for original radio) with automatic switch 578x58x185 mm
S / N> 100
Low pass filter 50 ~ 300 Hz
Subsonic Filter (high pass) 25 ~ 175 Hz
Bass Boost 0 ~ 6 dB
Bass Boost Frequency 35 ~ 90 Hz
Transmission frequency 10 Hz ~ 60 KHz
THD into 4 ohms<0.02%
Input Sensitivity 200 mV ~ 8 V
Dimensions 578x58x185 mm

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make offer

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still here

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still here... far and above known as sq...and if you need perfect amp fore them