View Full Version : Mids/highs to keep up with 2 sa15's

01-23-2013, 08:30 PM
Alright guys I have a question for ya.

I have 2 sa15's runnin on about 1600 rms that I just took out of a small sealed box and put into a 7.5 cube ported box. Doing this really let's the sundown's stretch their legs but now the bass is over is just overpowering my mids.


Mids/highs. 4 infinity kappas running off half of a Phoenix gold ti500.4 in 2 ohm stereo

Subs. 2 sa15's in 7.5 cubic ft ported box tuned in the 32 hertz range running off an apsm 2000 in 1 ohm

Have 2 yellow tops with a 200 amp alt and 1 OT throughout.

All this is in a 02 Isuzu Rodeo which has 6.5 holes with a teeter mount in the door panels. I prefer a bright high and solid mid bass would be nice. The kappas did the job well enough while I was running the sealed box and had it in 2 ohm. Now though the subs way overpower the kappas so I need a little more. Current speakers are in stock locations 1 in each door. My original plan was to buy 2 good componet sets and run 1 on each side of the amp but now I'm not sure that's gonna cut it.

I am willing to buy a new amp speakers/componet sets or whatever is necessary to get the mid/high range where it needs to be. Help!!

Any help would be awsome as I really hate blindly buying stuff strictly on the customer reviews found on most inet websites...


01-23-2013, 08:52 PM
try sum beymas they get real loud