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01-23-2013, 05:09 PM
1. Product:

Viper Audio 1100.5

2. Specs:

Dual high-speed MOSFET switching power supplies and complimentary bipolar outputs on 1-4 with a high current MOSFET output on the sub channel
Thermal, DC offset, reverse polarity, short circuit and over/under voltage protection with status LED
Easily accessed top-mounted controls for system tuning located under illuminated Viper snake logo
Built-in high performance, dual continuously variable 12 dB/octave 2-way active crossovers on channels 1-4
Continuously variable 24 dB/octave low-pass crossover on sub channel
Variable 0-12 dB bass EQ function
Remote subwoofer level control
2/4/6 channel input for full access to source or processor output functions
Master/slave function allows external synced bridged or parallel operation with an added model d600.1 class D mono amp
Buffered stereo full-range RCA output jacks
Gold-plated power and speaker screw-block plugs and RCA connectors ensure maximum signal transfer
Rugged one-piece extruded heat sink finished with injection-molded mounting feet

Rated Power at 4 ohm: 75 x 4 (ch1-4)
Rated Power at 4 ohm: 275 x 1 (sub)
Rated Power at 2 ohm: 125 x 4 (ch1-4)
Rated Power at 2 ohm: 400 x 1 (sub)
Rated Power at 1 ohm: N/A (ch1-4)
Rated Power at 1 ohm: 600 x 1 (sub)
S/N: > 95 dB (ch1-4)
S/N: > 80 dB (sub)
Freq. Range: 20-20 kHz (ch1-4)
Freq. Range: 20-250 Hz (sub)
Damping Factor: > 100 (ch1-4)
Damping Factor: > 50 (sub)
Input Sensitivity: 150mV to 8V
Crossover: var. 12dB 2-way (ch1-4) (They can be high passed from 50hz to 500hz)
Crossover: var. 24dB low-pass (sub)
RCA Output: Stereo (ch1-4)
RCA Output: Mono (sub)

3. Description/Condition:

I purchased this amp in 2004 but sold my 4Runner soon after and never got around to installing. It was one of the best 5 channel models available for my needs at the time so have been reluctant to sell in the hopes I'd eventually get an opportunity to use it. My current vehicle doesn't have enough room so I'd like someone else to enjoy this great amp.

It's still in the original box and has never been turned on since I don't have a way of testing the unit. I guarantee it works and will accept a return with full refund if any problems arise when first powering up, as long as you do so within a few months.

It's in excellent cosmetic condition even if the packaging has seen better days. If you don't like the chrome it's easy to remove that panel for a sleek black look.

Viper Audio was a short-lived product line so you probably won't come across this amp again, especially unused. They're a division of DEI and the 1100.5 is almost identical to their Directed Audio 1200/5 model besides it having a variable bass EQ boost from 0 to 12db rather than a single 8db boost on the Directed.

Their amps were built very solid, running cool and usually under-rated. This was made soon after the acquisition of PPI, a/d/s and Orion so they had a ton of high quality U.S. designed internals to use in their products. The 1100.5 has enough power and crossovers to run an entire system which makes for a simpler and cleaner install.

4. Price: :

$175 shipped

5. Pictures:


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01-23-2013, 05:21 PM
These were built by Chunglum (Crossfire, Orion, Memphis, etc)

I had a couple 2500.1's back in the day. Solid amps, good luck with the sale.