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01-20-2013, 12:51 PM
We just did a huge production run of our popular adjustable voltage boost module so that we could run a 25% off SALE !! Now you can have control over your charging voltage for just $75 !!

For those of you who don't know, the AVBM is a simple module that installs in 5 minutes, plugs in between the alternator and OEM alternator harness. It has a dial in it, so that you can easily adjust your vehicle's charging voltage from 14.0 to 19.5 volts by simply turning a dial !! This unit will work on stock or aftermarket alternators, as long as an OEM type internal regulator is in the alternator. Compatible with 12V, 14V or 16v batteries. (Make sure you check with your vehicle manufacturer and equipment providers to determine what a safe charging voltage is for your vehicle)We currently offer 3 different models:

AVBMOVAL - Fits Most 1996-2004 GM vehicles with oval 4 pin plug on the alternator (CS130D, AD244, AD237, Bosche, Valeo, etc...)

AVBMRECT - Fits Most 1986-1995 GM vehicles with rectangular 4 pin plug on the alternator (CS130, CS121, CS144, etc...)

AVBM6G - Fits most Ford Powerstrokes and other Ford Vehicles with non-PCM controlled 6G alternator (call for application details)

For $75, this is a really cool part, and can immediately improve the state of charge on your batteries, amplifier performance, power window speed, headlight brightness, etc...

Just give us a call to get one on the way!

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The AVBMOVAL is currently listed on E-bay here:


Video of how it works here:


01-20-2013, 01:05 PM
Id love one for ny nissan versa but you dont have one oh so sad. Could even use an alt but again no one makes an off the shelf unit all custom and high priced