View Full Version : Alpine Type S speakers vs Polk DB speakers vs Pioneer TS-A

01-17-2013, 09:51 PM
I am in the market for some new speakers and the topic states it entirely... I will be getting 6.5" coaxials for the front and 4x6 coaxials (or the 4x6 plate if i go polk audio). Which of these speakers is the best in terms of sound quality? i have a sub so a ton of bass output isnt a necessity. Im thinking about going for the Polks because of how efficient they are and they are since i will just be running on HU power... Also the 60 power handling would give me room to expand with an amp in the future. I have pioneer TS-Gs now and i am not very impressed with them... (and i only have a 5.25 in the front atm.)

01-17-2013, 10:12 PM
I personally chose polk over alpine. i have the db and dxi 6.5's in my civic. good sound quality, and even better on an amp! when i went to bestbuy to demo the speakers (i didnt buy from best buy, just needed a demo) sadly the store didnt have any music for the audio hooked up so all i got was white noise/ static. even with just static i could hear a good diff in the polks over the alpines.. been running them for a lil over a year on 50 watts each and no issues so far.. also like the fact that they are marine certified so a little moisture wont hurt em, better to have that assurance and not need it then not have it imo.

01-17-2013, 10:30 PM
Thats what i was leaning towards... Considering ALOT of people prefer them over Alpines. Only bad thing i have heard about the polks is crappy crossovers.

01-18-2013, 11:09 AM
tgamblin; any specific reason you're getting coaxs? A pair of comps would do you well. Especially if your car has a spot for them, there is almost no reason not to. If it doesn't, then it takes about an hour longer to install.

01-18-2013, 02:01 PM
I have no place for the tweeters in a comp set and dont really care to do any modifications in my dash/a pillar/door to accomodate space for the tweeters. I have pretty much the closest thing to a Chevy silverado Work Truck you can get..