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01-12-2013, 06:44 PM
I smoked one of my 10's the other day, pretty sure it was user error because the other 3 are fine. fine I was unable to find a rebuild kit not a replacement so I decided to use the 4 MMATS 12's that I have.

I like sound quality over SPL but I still like it loud. I was almost happy with the 4 10's on the MMATS 1400.1. the picture below is a graphic I whipped up this morning to show what I have in mind. Nothing ground breaking by any means but I think the final product will look cool and it should be semi loud and yet still clean enough for SQ with the subs turned way down.

it is using 4 MMATS PRO 12's, powered by MMATS 1400.1, will put in a 250 amp alt, and add another battery giving me a total of 3 batts. The box is a 4th order, 1.5 cubes per sub undivided. and 12 cubes vent tuned @ 45hz. I think, hope, that will give me the best of the lows, as well as the high freq as well. Additionally I can build the box in way that will allow me to expand the system up to 2 more times, by simply building a 2 and 3rd enclosure and stacking them behind one another. technically shared airspace would be louder but 4 subs in each enclosure for a total of 12 eventually would give me some time to be happy, and get bored, then expand and repeat that process for some time.

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Proposed Design
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01-12-2013, 07:32 PM
after running through the numbers i am finding that i am very limited on the vent size. Would like to have it about 4 inches smaller than that enclosure on all sides....

box dimensions 60 wide, 18 tall, 23 deep =12 cubes.

to tune that at 45-50hz i will have to have the port 26x5x5. Cant really go deep with the vent because it would hit the subs if i go too deep......
attached is the more realistic portrayal what what it would look like which is no where near as good looking as the previous. Anyone have a way around this please let me know