View Full Version : Integrated backup functionality

01-09-2013, 08:32 PM
Hey all - sorry to ask what may be a simple question, but I couldn't find the question or any answers on either the internet or my local car install shop...

I would like to put a new head unit into my 2008 Toyota Sienna LE, but was hoping that I could find one with a totally integrated backup system. I get a constipated facial expression from the audio shop guys I ask so I may be phrasing my question wrong...

What I'm looking for is an aftermarket unit that functions as if it were a factory one - specifically - when I put the car in REVERSE, the head unit switches over from its normal display to whatever the backup camera sees. If an audible proximity warning could be integrated, that would be a bonus, but what I'm trying to avoid is the need to swap inputs on the deck prior to putting the car in reverse... I've snooped around on ebay to see if anyone's advertising this functionality with their decks, but can't find it and it also doesn't appear to be a feature that many people are looking for with aftermarket equipment.

Is this how the aftermarket stuff is designed to work by default? or is it beyond the capability of an aftermarket unit? Any product recommendations for this type of thing? GPS is not needed, but would be fine... we have an auxillary DVD unit so we don't need that functionality... Just camera in, aux/ipod in, radio and factory integration... (I replaced the deck in my 2004 impala and know I had to buy a $60 gadget that proxied for the computer that was in the factory radio... would I need something like that?)

Thanks for any input!