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01-02-2013, 11:42 AM
Review of Audison SR 1D Amplifier:

About a month ago when I was in the market for an amplifier, I was more interested in used OLD SCHOOL amplifiers. I've searched but didn't find one I liked. After looking at some installs with Audison, I decided to give them a try. I was fortunate to find one in the states BNIB for a great price. Most of those I've seen for sale were overseas. The amplifier is somewhat basic, nothing too fancy. The thing I liked the most about the amp is how it is able to keep cool without any fans, even when I am running it at 1 ohm MONO!!! I don't have any testing equipment to check the exact wattage it is really kicking out but that is not a concern. In the future, if I do decide to replace the stock door speakers with aftermarket units, I would definitely look into another Audison amplifier to power them. Overall, I'm impressed with this amp and its features.

Power Output
Load Imp. Mono 4 Ω 280 W x 1
2 Ω 460 W x 1
1 Ω 640 W x 1

- plenty of power
- stable @ 1ohm mono
- remains cool even though there are NO internal fans
- made in Italy instead of China
- well constructed

- speaker output "clamp down" is a PITA (not easy to clamp down on the speaker wire)
- not readily available like some other European brands
http://img.hifitest.de/car_hifi_endstufe_mono_audison_sr_1d_bild_13002721 95.jpg

http://img.hifitest.de/car_hifi_endstufe_mono_audison_sr_1d_bild_13002722 52.jpg