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12-31-2012, 03:10 AM
I have a 97 e39 540i. When i bought it, it had a pair of kicker comp 10s on a zx400.1 getting signal from a crapy line out. The previous owner made a mess of the front stage disconnecting the stock 3way setup and replacing it with mtx coax's on a rampage amp. My first change was replacing the sub stage with a 12w6 sealed. Soon after, I started dealing with a lot jl equipment buying and selling and made some friends. Eventually I was getting first access to and going to liquidation auctions and store close outs buying in bulk and getting stuff for dirt cheap. Now i regularly sell new/used/b-stock/demo Jl audio equipment . I chose JL for the simple reason that it is the easiest to sell. Im not a jl dealer/rep or ever deal with them directly in any way. I like and run a lot of jl products because its more economical for me so plz dont start with the "your wasting your money rants and their is better out there" I KNOWWWW but if it cost you less for a HD600/4 than a Sundown 125.2(yes 2 channel) wouldnt you use it?

Anyway this is going to be a really slow process because 1. im busy with full time work, school, and this little hobby business 2. i get real lazy after a long day and woodworking in a cold garage<watching tv 3. im very indecisive and change my mind a lot

what i am set on is going with couple beefy 8s ported (i started collecting 8's)

What was ripped out:
13W7 in sealed pro wedge box
C2-525 components (C2 coax in rear)
Kicker Sum 8 Factory integration Processor

whats going it:
pair SA-8 v2's in ported box (1.6cube tuned to around 33-35)
HD 1200/1 or the new 1200/1v3 if i can get my hands on one when it comes out
C5 525 front
C3 525 rear or Cadence cvl 5.25's woofers (3" voice coil) I liked how they filled out my buddy's car
HD 600/4 or pair of 300/4V3 active if i get an Audison Bitone
100sq/ft sound vibration mats
pair of shuriken bt20s (already have optima redtop as starting battery)
Kenwood ddx-719 double din (4v preouts)

And just so people dont thing that im just some new guy trying to act big and im just blowing smoke in your arses and i dont have anything...the following is some of the stuff ive bought and sold in the past yr...you can cross reference the room with my 2 build logs and see its the same room and not pictures off the net or of somewhere else

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01-08-2013, 05:16 AM
drew up my final design for the 2 SA-8 V2's ...going to be dual slot ported 1.6 cube tuned to 34hz with a coupled chamber in front. Will be a common chamber...the center piece is a hollowed bracing. 45's and rounded edges throughout.


the other thing thats eating away at me is the woofers im NOT using. its like having all these toys but im only able to play with one at a time and if I want to play with another one theres going to be so much effort involved....

i also have a pair of 8w7s but unlike the other 3 options i wont be able to interchange them with that enclosure as these have totally different mounting hole dimensions coupled with the fact that these will also require much more air space

I started on the enclosure by getting all the cuts done

01-08-2013, 07:25 AM
Looks good. What do you think you're going to lose in output going from the 13w7 to the 2 8's?

01-08-2013, 11:15 AM
Im aiming at trying to achieve similar output as i had the w7 set quite conservatively anyway....leaning a bit more towards sq rather than just being loud. More often than not i listen to music at modest volumes anyway ... This is all just mainly for show and surprise

01-08-2013, 11:48 AM
use the vvme subs they will surprise you

01-08-2013, 10:03 PM
use the vvme subs they will surprise you

Im going with 8s on this build.... The vvme i ordered just to play around with maybe in HT setting