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12-29-2012, 05:03 AM
I'm looking into building a box for my jugg 15...about time!
I looked into getting one done by my local audio shop..they said a good box built to specs should run me about $400I think it can be built cheaper though.
I have 3 viable options
1. Buy one online $100 pre made 4.3 box to idk what dimensions and what hertz it is tuned to.
2. Wing it and build a rectangle box with a huge hole in the middle.
Or come on here and ask for help on my first box build.
Not sure if you all had the same confusion as what to do on first box build but as for me..I feel clueless
I see a lot of places where they find out dimensions in car..then numbers of specs and make equations..lots of stuff. But what makes building a sub box so difficult?
I seriously need help. If I got one of you guys to make a diagram and layout thing..how difficult would it be to build on my part? I honestly think I would need exact instructions on the build and all I would have to do is cut and glue.
All I want is go get a box that won't cost me $400.
Any input is great.
If someone wants to offer to make the box and ship it to FL that would be great too.
One thing about that though is that I see that supposedly it matters in what car it goes in..
Atm it would be in a dodge neon but it would great if It could be made to fit the small neon and later in another car.
Specs are on mmats website so I don't want to mislead. Ithink it must be 4.5 cu ft and MUST be ported.
Anyways that's enough to start I guess. I'll reply with any question I can answer.
HELP! Thank you

12-29-2012, 05:29 AM
What vehicle we talking about or did I miss it in your post. Edit I see a neon that's a tough one

12-29-2012, 02:38 PM
If too difficult to make and then be able to put in a future car..((larger)) then ill just wait I guess
If it helps... I don't mind using the entire trunk