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12-26-2012, 02:32 AM
Ok, looking to trade one or both of these subs for a high efficiency 2/4 channel that does 100+ and bridgeable for a 4 channel or 150+ for a 2 channel and is less than 14" long and a mono that does over 2k at 1 ohm and is less than 16" long. I'd like to find easily matchable amps, so MMAT, ARC etc...not looking for RF, Sundown, JL, Massive, but will entertain others. Cash can be added if necessary.

Focal KX27 11" Sub
Excellent condition 9/10 due to bottom of motor being slightly scuffed/scratched. 10/10 mechanical. This is a pure SQ sub and one of the best out there. Sub was only used for about 6 months. Beautiful sounding sub. Sealed box volume: 0.71-1.41 cubic feet. Retailed for $1k

Nom. power 300 W
Maximum power 600 W
Sensitivity 88 dB
Cone K2 Composite Sandwich®
Surround Butyl
Nom. impedance 4 ohms
DC resistance 4.6 ohms
VC diameter 65 mm 2.55 in
VC height 26 mm 1.02 in
Former Kapton®
Layers 1
Wire Flat Copper
Inductance 1.9 mH
Xmax 9 mm 0.35 in
Magnet d x h (12) 60 x 14 mm 2.36 x 0.55 in
Magnet weight 2106 g 4.66 Ib
Flux density 0.9 T
Gap height 8 mm 0.3 in
Net weight 7.2 kg 15.87

Fs 48 Hz
Vas 14.92 I 0.53 Ft3
Qts 0.908
Qes 0.97
Qms 14.19
Re 4.6 ohms
Sd 314.16 cm2 48.7 in2
Cas 1.06E-07 m5/N
Mas 102.23 kg/m4
Ras 2186.43 ohms.ac
Cms 1.08E-04 m/N
Mms 100.9 g 0.22 Ib
Rms 2158 g/s
Ces 694.84 mF
Les 15.63 mH
Res 67.29 ohms
BI 12.05 N/A
SPL 84.23 dB/W/m


Also have a blown custom DD 3512

Buddy used it for about 6 months, had a fucked up amp and blew it.

This was a custom DD from SPLaudio Original FS from SPL (http://www.caraudio.com/forums/subwoofer-classifieds/544463-dd-3512-custom.html).

Recone from SPL I was told was $130. There are some nicks on each of the 4 basket arms like you see in the first pic but will be touched up with black paint prior to shipment and the the minor scratch I guess on the bottom of the motor. Softparts will be cut out to lose weight for shipment.

Sub will handle 1500rms daily. I believe the motor is a E series.


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i'd so love to have that focal sub.....