View Full Version : stereo theft alarm for convertible

04-13-2004, 07:04 AM
Want to protect stereo more than car theft. Looking for recommendations on units that
1. will page me
2. movement detection inside car.

It's real easy to cut a roof or just hop in if the tops down. What I'm looking for a almost like a proximity alarm for the inside of the car. Appreciate suggestions.

Tom Hanaway

04-16-2004, 10:11 PM
my alarm is a clifford intelliguard 8000, it can pretty much do whatever you want. It comes with proximity alarms, one for the exterior, and one for the interior, which you can program the sensitivity for through codes or the remotes, if someone reaches in the car that interior trigger will go off while your at the beach or whatnot with your convertible, if they get too close, a screech is let out for the exterior. this alarm also has an anitcarjacking feature, if set you must punch in a code after starting the car, opening a door etc, within a specific time frame (its called blackjax) or the car shuts down in like a block away. pretty ****ing secure. this alarm also has many upgradable options, there are five extra ports for upgrade put in a voice module, or window control functions, glass break sensor, etc. this is the best alarm i have ever owned, it kicks ***. not cheap though, find urself a clifford authorized installer, and remember. Its not the heart, its the surgeon who matters.