View Full Version : Enclosure design for 2 18" FI Q's.

12-17-2012, 01:18 PM
Hello everyone. I have decided to go with 2 18" Q's for my new setup and I am in need of a enclosure design. If anyone has a design for a box that might work and would share it I would greatly appreciate it. If not I can paypal someone to design me a box, just send me a PM.

This is for a ford explorer XLT and I would like to have subs up and port back. My usable external dimensions are 44" left to right, 30" front to back, and 20" high. It should be about 15.2cu ft gross and after port area I am hoping for 6-7cu ft per sub. I would like tuning to be around 30-33hz and I want to do a rectangle port with not bends or angles. Thanks in advanced!