View Full Version : Dual Dragster DWE-106 Competition 10" Enclosure

12-02-2012, 06:58 PM
Hey there! A while back I picked up two DWE-106 Competitions from Good Will for $15. Need to build an enclosure for them!

I used WinISD Pro to get my area and port size so I could pop it all into Google Sketchup. The speaker specifications are a little hard to find, I had to compare multiple foreign sources to get a good estimate and still couldn't find the Air Displacement :/

Dragster Audio DWE-106 Specs

Diameter: 250mm (10")
Install Depth: 115mm
RMS Power: 200W
Max Power: 450W
Nominal Independence: 4 Ohm
Coil Diameter: 50mm
Sensitivity: 89.9
Fs: 31Hz
Re:3.7 Ohm
Qms: 14
Qes: .31
Qts: .27
Vas: 41Lt
Xmax: +/- 8.5mm
Mms: 114g
Le: 2.4mH
Tuning at 34 Hz

Plugging all this into WinISD I got around 2.3559 cubic feet for my box and 37.744 square inches for my port. In Sketchup with my specifications (for 3/4" wood):


What would you guys change? I plan on sanding down the edges to round them out.
Also, what Amplifier would you guys recommend? Somewhere in therange of 600-650 watts!
Thank you!