View Full Version : 2 10's in a mk3 jetta trunk

04-10-2004, 06:13 PM
Im somewhat new to this forums, but i do know alot about car audio. I currently have a bandpass box with 2 10" jbl's in it in my 97 jetta. The alpine v12 amp and a rockford fasgate capacitor rounds up the rest in my trunk. The box takes up too much space and is a ***** to get the spare tire out.

Im kind of bored with the set up now. I want to eliminate the whole bandpass box. Where i am gonna build a false floor so i can put a trapdoor where the sparetire well is so i still have access now. since i would be building afalse floor, i can put the amp and capacitor in the floor with plexiglass over them which will make it nice(just an idea). But i dont know where i can put the 2 10" speakers.

remember i dont want to take the spare tire out, since my car is my daily driver. Also i really dont want to mess with fiberglassing since i dont know how to do it and i dont want to mess it up and be a project thats down the tubes. I want a nice look so if i do decide to do some car shows i can be proud of what i did to my trunk.

anyone like to help with some ideas? im open to all ears. thanks! :toast:

04-11-2004, 04:38 PM
i hvae some plans for a proted box...i made my sister one for her 1996 jetta trec..it fits well and isnt very big...so its light ..and i can get her spare tire out by just taking the box out..witch only takes 30 secs..ill post the plans later..if you want them