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11-21-2012, 05:18 PM
Hey guys iv been searching back and forth between forums to calculate my box as close as possible. Before I spend more time and most importantly money on my design I'd like to know if I'm on the right track. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Box width - 24
Box height -11
Depth 1- 8
Depth 2- 8.5
Total Net - .835

Port measurements
Height - 3
Width- 3.5
Length - 29.64

Now when i put that port in the calculator it says my total net will be .653 the sa 8 calls for .5-.75 ported so I guess I'm right in the middle the other forum I used says that port will have the boxs original net volume of .641 ft3 tuned to 36 hertz

Does this seem to be correct?

Do I tune my box to the total net before the port or after the port because my numbers change accordingly and it really doesn't say either way.

Considering my box is only 22 inches wide is it ok for my port to extrude from the box so roughly 16 inches sticking out. And 13 actualy inside the box. Is there a change in my calculations if i do it this way.

The sites iv been using are car stereo port calculator/ tuner
Home theater shack witch has a calculator for box the box and port. But I'm not sure what to do if the port isnt completely in the box. Thanks for any help

11-21-2012, 07:58 PM
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