View Full Version : FS: 10"-12" TRF/Power HX2 Baskets

11-10-2012, 07:45 PM
1. Product:

2x - Used 10" TRF/Power HX2 Baskets
2x - BRAND NEW 12" TRF/Power HX2 Baskets
1x - Used Punch HX2 15" Basket

2. Specs:

Awesome TRF/Power HX2 Baskets

3. Description/Condition:

10" - Both these baskets are used but in terrific condition. The screens are intact and look great. Both come with original screw terminals and RF concealer gaskets. These are getting really hard to find, especially in this condition. These will make some killer 10"s. Need landings cleaned.

12" - Both these baskets are brand new. They were never used or even mounted to a motor. The screens are intact and look great. These do not have terminals but I have included a pair of used RF concealer gaskets for them. These are also getting hard to find. You may never see brand new ones again.

15" - I'm pretty sure this basket was never used but I'm selling it as used because its a bit dusty and has a couple scratches on it. Theres also a drop of glue on it that I'm not sure where it came from. The screens are intact and look great. No terminals or gasket with this one.

4. Price: :

10" TRF/Power HX2 with RF Gaskets - $45 each plus shipping
12" TRF/Power HX2 with RF Gaskets - $60 each plus shipping
15" Punch HX2 - $25 plus shipping

5. Pictures: