View Full Version : 2005 dodge ram quad ca bnew sound system help

os inspector
11-06-2012, 01:16 PM
Hello guys,

looking to revamp my whole truck system.

New deck and for speakers here is where i need help:

ive been out of car audio for a while but 5 years ago i really liked the way image dynamics speakers sounded. Hated the way MB quarts were so bright they hurt my ears.

im looking for a good set of 4 speakers that could be powered by a higher quality deck or maybe a small amp that can be hidden.

I wont be installing any sub's the closest id get maybe is mid bass drivers in the rear.

i listen to Rock, Alternative, and some Country music.

i plan to sound deaden the truck, for road noise and rattles both. suggestions here welcomed. thinking a bulk pack of product in these locations roof, back of cab, floor and doors. been reading but honestly dont know much here.

for speakers I'm looking 400-600$ i dont need to win any competitions just want a good sounding set of speakers.

So send me some ideas on what will fit in my vehicle as i hear the doors dont allow a very big magnet in them.

os inspector
11-08-2012, 01:53 PM
hrm no comments interesting so the stock system is the way to go dont upgrade?