View Full Version : Mazda b2600i extra cab help?

11-05-2012, 02:17 PM
I'm trying to figure out how I would be able to completely wall off the extra cab from the front of the truck. I'll be running 4 12" woofers, unless someone has a better idea?

My front stage is two sets of Polk db6501's (if these don't end up cutting it, I'll upgrade)

Haven't decided on a headunit yet, so suggestions here (in the 150-200 range) would be welcome.

I have an old Coustic DR 3 ch. Amp, another 2ch. amp. I also have a PA 5000.1d, two 4ch. RF amps with about 75rms each. I can always look into other amps too. I'm looking to get another PA 5000.1d so I can have 2 subs for each amp.

Do these people who build walls built them in the vehicle? how?
If this isn't a good option for my first real box build, what would be a better one? I'm looking to have the option of listening at a nice volume with good SQ, and the option of pounding bass, also with decent SQ.