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10-29-2012, 01:22 PM
I'm building a box for two sundown e 10s. I want to follow the basic specs on sundowns website. They're gonna share the same airspace. So 2-2.5 cubes to 35hz.

I would prefer a precision port either the 4 or 6" kit. But a normal L port is good too.

This is for a daily system.


10-29-2012, 05:00 PM
Look in the free box plans section, its stickied in this section

10-29-2012, 05:27 PM
to tell you the truth if you are any good at math you just need a ti-83 or equlivent scienctific calculator to do this foumula at link shown later. any ways you break it in to parts in order of operations the .159square root you do last. there is a divided sign in the square root you start there and and i start with the bottom number that start with vb you do the hole line like vb in sq inches is let say for a 4 cubic foot box so four time 1728 would be 6912 cubic inches is what is enter in the vb spot is cubic inches. then there is Lv which is length of vent you can add number to it like 8 or 10 and so on.then you +.823 then do the square root of av or area of vent is a number of some thing like 7"inch by 1 for a slot or a 3 inch round port for also there is 4 inch how i find the 7 is devide the four in half and before you start the forumla to get two then do this small one pie time raduius squared so pie time 2 squared equals 12.56 or 12.5 by1 or a 4 inch round port. find the vb lv and av all at once before you start. then it aa plug and chug just got to break it in to parts like the .159squareroot is last the vb(lv+.823)squareroot of av is second. then do the av(1.84x10^8power then put the answer of these in to the .159square root then just hit enter. it will give a frequency like 34 ,40, 20 etc which is hertz the port length you entered earlyier as lv size or area was av etc...box size was vb in square inches. when it hits the right freqency your done. but the only problem is you will do it several time to get it done.

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